Oriental Rug Cleaning Pompano Beach

Area Rug CleaningOriental Rugs are often handed down through families like treasured heirlooms. Don’t let just anyone clean your precious Oriental. Trust the experts at South Florida Steemer to treat your rug with the utmost care and attention to detail. We offer free pick-up and delivery on area rugs of all sizes. We will pick up your rug, take it back to our facility to be hand washed or dry cleaned, then deliver it back to you.¬†We begin our process by dusting your rug with air pressure to remove any dirt or dust on the surface. We then wash your rug to remove and soil trapped in the carpet fibers. A soft water rinse ensures that all traces of dirt and cleaning solutions are removed. We then dry your rug and detail the fringes. South Florida Steemer offers a 100% pet odor removal guarantee on all area rugs. For the most affordable area rug cleaning, call South Florida Steemer today.

Persian and Antique Rug Cleaning Coconut Creek.

Area Rug CleaningNot all rugs can be steam cleaned. For more delicate rugs, steam cleaning can actually damage the fibers and cause the dye to bleed. We treat every rug with the utmost care, applying the cleaning method best befitting your rug type. Persian and antique rugs must be hand washed or dry cleaned. South Florida Steemer is your number one trusted company for cleaning of all types of area rugs, and we specialize in hard to clean Persian and antique rugs. Call us today and schedule your free estimate. We also offer free pick up and delivery of area rugs. Your precious rug will be transported to our facility for expert cleaning at no extra cost.

Rug Repair and Padding for Sale Ft Lauderdale.

Beautiful area rugs can take a beating over the years. Missing fringes, detached backing, and even rips in the rug itself can take the life out of your rug. At South Florida Steemer we offer a full range of rug repair services. We can replace backing, Rug Repairreplace fringing, and even repair cuts and tears. Trust the experts at South Florida Steemer to restore your rug. We also offer cut-to-order premium rug padding. Padding is very important in extending the life of your area rug. If something is spilled it doesn’t sit on the rug, it soaks into the padding. Padding also acts as a barrier to humidity. The right kind of padding can really help you get the most out of our area rug. It provides extra cushioning to make your rug more comfortable, and prevents your rug from slipping. Call South Florida Steemer today for area rug repairs and premium padding.