Aventura Carpet Cleaning Service

South Florida Steemer is your local steam cleaning expert. Steam cleaning is ideal for removing tough stains and pent up dirt from carpets of all kinds. Not every company knows how to do the most effective job. At South Florida Steemer we can identify your carpet type and adjust our steam cleaning method and solutions to give you the best results. For instance, Berber carpet requires a different cleaning method than plush carpet. If the plush carpet method is used on Berber, it may cause water damage. Similarly, builder carpet requires a different cleaning method. Unlike plush and Berber carpet, which is typically stretched across the floor on tack strips, builder carpet is glued directly to the sub-floor. Using the wrong cleaning method can loosen the glue and cause the carpet to become detached from the floor.

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Sunny Isles Beach Persian Rug Cleaning

Many of our Sunny Isles neighbors live in high-rise buildings with tile floor, and cover their floor with area rugs. Beautiful Persian rugs can be worth thousands of dollars. Don’t trust just any company with your expensive, delicate rugs. The experts at South Florida Steemer use gentle hand-wash and dry-cleaning methods for sensitive rugs.

Persian rugs typically come from Iran and the surrounding areas. These beautiful works of are are often dyed with vegetable-based inks. These dyes can fade over time or even bleed color onto other fibers. Our area rug experts at South Florida Steemer know how to revive the color of your rug, and can even reverse running or bleeding dyes.

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Bal Harbour Antique Rug Cleaning

Antique rugs can be past down through families like treasured heirlooms. These rugs can be made from all sorts of materials like silk and wool. Some of these materials can be very delicate and must be cleaned with the appropriate method, at the right temperature, with the proper chemicals and cleaning solutions. At South Florida Steemer we have the knowledge, the experience, and the necessary tools to clean your antique rug and restore it to like-new condition.

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